Dusty “Wetbeard” Bottoms

Charity Calendars

Dusty here, just waiting for my human Courtland to come back from traveling abroad. You see, Courtland is a wedding photographer and travels all over the world. I can’t go with him, so he takes photos of things I would have seen and dogs I could have met.

Some of these pups look like they could use a little assistance, so we are producing a charity calendar for dog related non-profit organizations to sell in their fund-raising campaigns.

Charity Calendars

Buying Barks Abroad calendars raise money for non-profit dog hospitals, shelters, adoption, rescue, service dog, and veteran organizations.

But there’s more!  Our calendars are interactive too!

There is a dedicated page on this site for each month with a video and much more information!

There’s also information on volunteering with an organization while you visit this country.  One of our Barks Abroad Pawtners could even help you with details on how to bring a dog back from one of these countries to be adopted here!