All of the photos in the calendar and this website were taken on location by my human, Courtland Wilson.

Dusty "Wetbeard" Bottoms


Being around dogs just brings a smile to our face.  We pet them, care for them, feed them, house them, share them, and generally, just love them.

Some dogs support our veterans, assist the physically challenged, work on the ranch, and some are just our best friends!

It doesn’t matter where you are, a certain breed of dog is usually the same no matter what country you visit.  Simply put, dogs are universally awesome!


Traveling around the world gives you perspective, and opens your eyes to other foods, customs, experiences, and helps create a more “well rounded” you.  (especially the food part!)

Traveling challenges you to learn and accept others for who they are and gives you perspective to see your world from a different point of view.

Traveling means adventure and education as you experience different cultures, fun activities, nature, and animal life.


One the greatest things about photography  is being able to create emotion to inspire others to expand their horizons and venture to new horizons. 

Looking at our photography may give you ideas for your next vacation to a country where you have never been.

So we hope to provide you with a spark to consider planning a trip to a far away place, pet some dogs, and make some memories, and maybe bring back a dog to a new home!

Dusty Bottoms

Dusty "Wetbeard" Bottoms has been Courtland's battle buddy for almost 8 years. This amazing Shih Tzu carries 100lbs of love in a 20lb package!


This award winning travel and wedding photographer, found his passion during his time in the Army and hasn't stopped since. With over 30 countries under his belt and many more to come, he hopes to spread the love of dogs around the world. (Click his photo to visit his wedding photography site)


The relentless pursuit of adventure, travel, and excitement only begins to describe this amazing woman. She is a dog lover with the energy of a Border Collie, and the intelligence of Isaac Newton.


Traveling with the airlines gave Kenny the love of adventure around the globe. A former golf photographer, software developer, and entrepreneur brings talent of his own to the team.

* Our company is not a 501 (c) (3) .  We produce Barks Abroad Calendars for wholesale to dog-related non-profit organizations.

These non-profit organizations sell our calendars to raise money for their worthy causes LOCALLY.

A portion of every calendar we sell wholesale, supports dog rescue on an INTERNATIONAL level.