Peru’s capital and the most important city of Peru, is located in the central coast, along the Pacific Ocean. It has more than 8 million people, made up of different races of the world. Nowadays is regarded as the political, cultural, financial and commercial country.

The Magic Water Circuit  is probably the number one tourist attraction in Lima,

At night the park truly turns into magic, with every fountain illuminated with different colors and synchronized to music.

There are 13 fountains total in the park, and the biggest attraction is the light show at the Fantasy Fountain.


Volunteering with dog related organizations is a wonderful way to help out while you visit this country. Check out the following links for detailed information to make a difference locally!  Use Google Translate for the entire website if needed.  
  1. Animazul
  2. Gataurio
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Like Paris or Tokyo, Lima is one of the world’s great dining destinations. From streetside vendors grilling anticuchos (beef heart kebabs) to fine-dining chefs who are seeking out diverse new ingredients in the Andes and Amazon, there’s something incredible and unique to eat at every price point.

Visiting diners should get to know eating subcultures like no-frills cebicherias serving fish and shellfish pulled out of the Pacific that morning,

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There is one airport in the area that handles all of the flights to Lima and most of the flights to the rest of the country as well.

The majority of Lima flights are tourist related, and Lima is also the primary airport for the entire country of Peru, meaning it can get very busy during peak travel times.

Airfare to Lima is easy to come by for an international flight, and some cheap flights to Lima are available.

If you are like me, you have been taught to practice defensive driving, but this is already your first big mistake when approaching the traffic for example in Lima.

Maintain a secure distance to the vehicle in front of you? No, this would be your second mistake as all the other drivers will see this as a sign of weakness and without any politeness or etiquette abuse this space to radically squeeze in and leave you more and more back in traffic.

If you stay in Central Lima (known as Centro de Lima or Cercado de Lima), you’ll be right at the heart of the city’s historic core.

If you want history right on your doorstep, this is the place to stay. It’s also a reasonable choice for budget travelers, with some comfortable and affordable accommodation options near the main square (cheaper than many you’ll find in Miraflores, but potentially a lot more traffic noise).