$20 Donation price

Wholesale prices start at $7

(25 cals)

No Risk Plan!

We will ship you 25 calendars by November 1st.
Divide them upon your volunteers to sell at $20 each.

On December 1st, you pay us for each calendar you sold, and return unsold calendars with payment.

Your cost: $10 ea.
(USA Shipping incl.)

$250 profit

(50+ cals)

Raise more money per calendar by paying in advance!

Give 5 calendars to every member and volunteer on your team to sell at work or to friends.
Give 10 calendars to your vet clinics and doggy day cares to sell over the counter!

Your cost: $7 ea.
(USA Shipping incl.)

$650 profit

Custom Branding

Add your logo and info on both front and back covers!

Also, an additional page is reserved to place information about your organization.

500 cals for $10 ea.

750 cals for $9 ea.

1000 cals for $8 ea.

(USA Shipping incl.)

$5,000 to $12.000 profit


Sell Barks Abroad calendars to contacts through your website, email lists, and social media.

They send a you a $20 donation.

Then we mail the calendar directly to them for you!

Add $5 ea.
(for USA Shipping.)

Call for details .

Huge profits!

ways to Sell Calendars